Monday, July 18, 2011

Me, Interrupted.

This year has been an annus horribilis, in every sense of the phrase.

In April, J's beloved grandfather passed away.  A couple of weeks later, in May, his stepsister also left us.  On Memorial Day, my father had an aneurysm burst while on a tour in Sedona, Arizona.  After being in a coma for four weeks in a Phoenix, AZ ICU, he also passed away.

My dad's death has come right in the middle of our purchasing a house.  Unfortunately, my dad had moved to Arizona from Germany only a year ago, after taking a job here.  He was a US citizen, he had been living in Germany on a work visa, but he lived there for about six years, and still had bank accounts and a flat there.  As well as bank accounts in Australia (where he lived before Germany) and who knows where else.

After flying to Arizona twice, I will now need to fly to Germany to get probate started there, and to clean out his flat and ship everything back here.

Considering everything I need to do with the new house, settling my dad's estate, and regular life things (which have fallen woefully by the wayside even though I am valiantly struggling to keep up with everything), it is unlikely that I will get back to regular blogging until the fall.  Possibly late fall.

I will try to keep everyone updated and post a thing or two, even if it is totally unrelated to Inus.

I'm sorry to my regular readers, and I hope in light of everything, you will forgive me and see fit to become regular readers again when I can once more become a regular blogger.

I hope everyone is well.

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about all the losses you've sustained this year.