Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Cheerful Pet Boiled Wool Toys

A Cheerful Pet Boiled Wool Dog Toys

I saw these toys in the display bin at a local pet supply store.  They reminded me of Multipet Wooly Bully toys, which I really liked.

Cats and dogs are just attracted to the natural wool fibers (I gave most of the Wooly Bullies I've purchased in the past to my ferrets), and the best part about 100% wool toys is that when they start to look ragged, you can toss them in the washer on hot, and they go back to looking like new.  Viola!

I actually got this toy for the cats, although in the store they look as though they are marketed more towards dogs.

I got a Woolzee ball, in a medium size.  Medium is small enough that the cats can still easily play with it, but too big for Kitsune to swallow.  Perfect.

When I first brought it home, both cats followed me into the kitchen where I pulled the Woolzee out of the bag and put it on the floor.  Simon walked away, Mojo looked vaguely interested until I rolled it in his direction.  It touched his paw, he levitated about a foot off of the floor, gave the Woolzee a horrified look, and left.  So much for that.  Spaz.

The Woolzee was ignored for a few more hours until Kitsune discovered it.  Kitsune really liked it.  Kitsune really really liked it.

A little while later, I looked at him and he had chewed a little hole in the Woolzee and was pulling wool out of the center.  Apparently the Woolzee, from what I can tell, is a knitted ball or pouch stuffed with more wool and  boiled to make it felt.  So most of the wool in the center is just sort of loose in there like stuffing, which makes it great fun to pull out once a small hole has been gnawed in the felted outer layer.

Please pardon the horrible phone pics:

A sad little Woolzee ball, devoid of some stuffing.

Kitsune is rightfully very worried that I will take away his Woolzee, which I did.

I had to retire the Woolzee, much to his dismay.  Although wool is a natural fiber, I still don't want him ingesting it.  

Pros:  It was only 3.99.  That's not so much money that I'm really irritated that the toy only lasted 20 minutes.  In fact, it is cheap enough and he enjoyed it so much I will probably go and get another one, perhaps a big larger, and try to supervise him more closely with it.

Cons:  They really aren't made to withstand a lot of abuse.  The Woolzee lasted 20 minutes, but 18 of those minutes were Kitsune actually playing with it by tossing it and swatting it.  Once he decided to chew it I think it lasted about 2 minutes.

Bottom Line:  I'm sure they are wonderful for dogs who don't give their toys any tough love, but for those who do they probably aren't worth the time or money.  The dogs really do truly enjoy them, but unless you're willing to watch your even slightly destructive doggie like a hawk, the toys might not be worth the risk of ingesting a mass of wool.

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  1. A Cheerful Pet Boiled Wool Dog Toys I saw these toys in the display bin at a local pet supply store. They reminded me of Multipet Wooly Bully ...