Monday, January 10, 2011

Back From Christmas Break

So, pretty much as soon as my SO got out of classes for winter break, I found myself with no time to blog.  At all.  One of our best friend's birthday is in December.  My SO's stepfather's birthday is in December.  My dad's birthday is in December.  Our son's birthday is five days before Christmas.  It's a crazy month for us.

So I apologize in advance for the blogless month of December.  Assuming this blog is around next year, you can pretty much expect the same.  I certainly don't have time to sit down and type anything, and I'm not expecting anyone else to take time out of their holidays to sit and read my ramblings.  We'll just take a break and see ya next year.

I feel like I should have given everyone a heads up, though.  Sorry 'bout that.

Everyone that I speak to recently has one question foremost on their minds:  How do you like your new job?

I like my new job.

I'm not so sure it likes me back.

I'm not even sure I can begin to explain why that is.

I feel like I mess up so much I make more work for my co-workers, and that it irritates them.

I hate being That Guy.

I feel like there's a million things to remember at once, and I can only seem to ever remember two or three of them at a time.  And that might be okay, if it were the same two or three things consistently that I remember.  But it's not.  Ever.

I always seem to say or do the wrong thing.  Sometimes I do the right thing at the wrong time.  Which I guess makes it the wrong thing anyway.

Poor Dr. W.  I know I drive her absolutely nuts.

For 99% of my working career I've worked in the pet industry in some capacity.  I was a manager in a pet supply store that didn't sell animals for many years before I worked in one that did.  For most of that time, people were telling me I should get a Real Job.  Forget the fact that I was the youngest manager at the pet supply store.  That's fine, but when are you going to get a Real Job?  People always followed that up with something in the veterinary field.  "You'd be so good at that!"

It turns out that in reality, I'm not that good at it at all.

So not only do I just suck at my job, which sucks in general because it has such a huge impact on your life, but I also feel like I'm disappointing a lot of people who wanted me to do this.

I'm not giving up yet, I'm just sayin'.  I may not be the right person for this job.

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  1. oh man. hang in there!

    when i got a better job at the university (went from entry level to administration in under 2 years) I thought... shit, I am SO NOT qualified for this. But now its a year later and everything worked out.

    maybe you just need more time? hang in there for reals, you seem like you were made for this kind of job!