Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Love Scrubs

One benefit about working in a medical field is the attire.  You get to wear the comfiest clothes ever to work.  I'm a big fan of sweats and PJ pants around the house, but I get uncomfortable even just running to the convenience store in them.  Scrubs have the same comfy quality as PJs, but you don't feel like a slob walking into the bank wearing them.

It's great.

I'm also a big fan of pockets.  I love pocketses.  My one girly guilty pleasure is purses and bags, because I cannot resist a bag of nifty pockets.  I just can't.  I'm a stasher, what can I say.

I have a pair of Dickies scrubs with just a giant cargo-style side pocket on the right side. Love those, except that I feel like I'm reaching halfway down my leg for my pen.  I like scrub tops with the big wide double pockets in the front.  Not a fan of the shoulder pocket.  It's pretty much useless.

Unfortunately I live about spitting distance from a hospital, so there are many stores also within spitting distance where I can indulge my new scrub habit.  I went to one the last week of December with some gift money, fulling intending to buy a pair of Grey's Anatomy scrubs (oh yeah, they have those).  I couldn't find a style I liked in a color that I liked in my size.

I was really disappointed, until I turned around and saw a rack with a neon NEW sign on it.  A brand called Wink was hanging on them.  I went over to inspect them, and I ended up buying a pair.  It was the pockets that did it, I'm not gonna lie.  The Wink Origins Charlie style top has the big double lower pockets I like, with an outside pen loop AND a mesh pocket within one of the pockets.  Guess what that's for.  If you guessed dog treats, you're right!  The Romeo style pant has six pockets - a cargo style on the leg and regular hip pockets like a regular pair of jeans.  And inside the cargo pocket is ANOTHER mesh pocket.  So I have options on where I'm stashing treats.  I can put moist treats in my cargo pocket for small dogs and larger biscuits in my shirt mesh pocket for larger dogs.  They're the best things ever.  Seriously.  

I just thought I'd let you guys know, because I know that among you, there are trainers.  Casual trainers of only pet pups, slightly more serious trainers of foster and rescue dogs, and possibly a few professional trainers, too.  Those pockets are seriously handy.  Really.  Think about it:  Treats in the mesh pockets, poo pick-up bags in one of the outer pockets, cell phone and you're ready for a really productive walk.  Without having a silly bag hanging off of your waist that you never use the drawstring on anyway because the clip falls off when you try to pull it.  I know.  I've used them.  They're dumb, although in theory they sound good.

So even if you DON'T work in a medical setting, consider some scrubs.  They're cheap (compared to most clothes) and they're great for all sorts of things.  I clean the house in the ones I don't use for work anymore.

Oh, and randomness:  I discovered roundworm eggs on a fecal flotation today by myself.  This is a first.  Usually the slides have nothing exciting on them and the ones I don't look at have all the good stuff.  This time I pulled the slide, and found the good stuff.  Eureka!  

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  1. Just an update to this post:

    Wink brand scrubs now have a new scrub in a stretchy material. I bought two pairs, being a fan, but immediately found out at work that sharp animal claws really do a number on that material. So if you're in the veterinary field, don't do the stretchy material. Not worth it.