Thursday, September 30, 2010

Saving Lucky The Dog - How Hard Can It Be?

So there's this dog named Lucky, right?  He used to stay in his owner's backyard, but then the next-door neighbor complained about his barking.  So Lucky's owner locked him in the basement.

For four years.

Two months ago, the owner who decided Lucky should live in a basement left town.  So sometimes, her ex-husband opens a door to the basement, tosses some food in, and closes it again.

Lucky's life doesn't seem to reflect his name very much.

I mean, I guess it's lucky that after four years of this nonsense, the local dog authorities are finally going to do something about it.

What was the first thing they wanted to do?  Offer dog training classes to the guy who every once in awhile tosses some food in the basement door.


WTF King County Animal Services?  That's the best you can do?  Really?

Clearly this man has no interest in Lucky.  I don't think he really gives a shit if the dog gets trained or not.  I can guarantee you he's not ever going to bother himself about training Lucky.

The authorities claim that since in that part of Washington State, apparently, the law says that animal cruelty is only depriving an animal of food or water, and the ex-husband is not doing that, their hands are tied.

I CALL SHENANIGANS.  You can't tell me if someone is seen beating a dog with a 2x4 the authorities stand around with their thumbs up their asses saying, "Well, we can offer them dog training classes, but since they're feeding it, that's about all we can do.."


Lucky's situation is beyond pathetic.  He has no contact with dogs or people, he has no stimulation, and he runs around all day dragging a leash in a cluttered basement wallowing in his own excrement.  If that's not neglect and neglect isn't animal cruelty, then what the hell do you people do all day?

I don't see why the ex-husband needs to be wheedled out of the dog, either.  What perverse motivation does he have for not giving Lucky up as soon as anyone took an interest in him?  I think I know what everyone's opinion is going to be of Ex-Husband, whose name is not mentioned (probably to avoid lynch mobs) by the papers.  Anyone who lets a dog live like that is just wrong in the head.  Wrong wrong wrong.

But really, how hard can it be.  Why are they bothering to try and negotiate with this whack job?  Just put the evidence in front of a judge, get a search warrant, go in, get Lucky, and call it a job well done.

And the next time someone calls and complains about a dog living in the basement, don't let it drag on for four years.  For crying out loud.

P.S. - Someone needs to get on changing the animal cruelty laws in that county.  Like, yesterday.

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