Friday, September 24, 2010

To Do List

Coming Soon:

Why Do People Buy Dogs From Pet Stores?  My theories and comments on a pertinent question asked by Jen.
Posted 9-24-2010

The Ones Who Get To Me.  Stories of the dogs I DO want to take home.

Coping With Allergies.  I do it everyday.  We've just learned my son is also allergic.  Allergies are no reason to give up the family pet, it's just a handy excuse.

Why I Want to Throw Onions At Cesar Milan.   Ugh!  Just.  Grrr.
Posted 9-28-2010

The Designer Dog Craze.  I can debunk every reason for it you've ever heard rationalizing it and more.
Posted 9-25-2010

Dog Food Recipes.  Making food for your dog really doesn't take that long, and it's cheaper than having Proctor & Gamble do it for you.

If You're Doing It Right, You Must Be Independently Wealthy:  My opinions on the frequent assertion that you can't (or shouldn't) make money breeding dogs, as requested by Jess.

Dual purpose.  Now you get a sneak peek at what's coming, and I don't forget.

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