Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Friendly Note To Animal Welfare/Rights Advocates

For all those who think that coming into a pet store and causing a scene is a good way to advocate against pet stores selling animals:

Please refrain from coming in at all.  By all means, use every logical and reason based method at your disposal to pursue your goal and further your cause.

But making a spectacle of yourself, in a store staffed by people who for the most part agree with you, is doing your cause and therefore the animals a bigger disservice than not coming in at all.

The comments from other customers once you end your tirade and leave all tend more toward indignation against you to sympathy for us, the evil, ogre pet store employees.  Yes, you drew attention to yourself.  Unfortunately it is the wrong kind.  The only message impressed upon people who witness someone raving like a lunatic in need of sedation about anything is:  Those people are crazy.  The next person who approaches them with the same ideas, even if presented in a calm, rational manner, are more likely to be brushed off because of your display.

Just stop.  Think.  Please.


  1. :O Did I miss something hilarious today?

  2. No, the last lady who did this was about three weeks ago, but I had her in mind when I wrote it. Her and the lady who walked around sobbing hysterically and accusing everyone who showed concern for her of cruelty.

  3. It is why I cannot align myself to the belief systems of the HSUS and the insanity that is PETA.

    Its all about crazy, money collecting political agendas and rarely, if ever, about the actual living breathing animals that need an advocate.