Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rabies Report October 2010

According to the stats at ProMED (the program for monitoring emerging diseases, LOVE IT), our current rabies stats are as follows:

[1] Rabies vaccine scam - Oklahoma
[2] Feline - North Carolina
[3] Raccoon, canine - North Carolina**
[4] Feline - North Carolina
[5] Feline, with human exposure - Georgia
[6] Skunk, canine, raccoon, feline, human exposure - Georgia
[7] Feline, with human exposure - Florida
[8] Canine (fox), with human exposure - Florida
[9] Skunk, with canine exposure - New York**
[10] Bat, with canine exposure - Texas
[11] Canine (coyote with dog exposure) - Michigan

All my OK readers, please make sure that your animals are up-to-date with rabies vaccines from a properly licensed veterinarian.  Vaccine scams involving fake rabies vaccines have cost lives abroad, very recently.

**In these cases marked with red asterisks, dogs who were not up-to-date with rabies vaccinations were killed or died as a result.

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